Helps to conceive at home
With the FERTI·LILY Conception Cup, trying for a baby remains an intimate moment enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. 1.5 times more likely to conceive and no doctors or hospitals needed.

Delivers more sperm to the cervix
Cervical cups help up to 300% more sperm cells to enter the protective environment of the cervical mucus, so that more can also enter the uterus, increasing your chance of conception by +48%.

Comfortable & easy to use

The FERTI·LILY Conception Cup won’t disturb your most intimate moments. It’s super soft, comes with handy instructions, and you can insert it yourself at home. 86% of women say it’s easy to use, and 9/10 find it comfortable to wear.

100% medical silicone
Manufactured in Switzerland from 100% medical grade silicone. The FERTI·LILY Conception Cup is flexible, durable, and biocompatible, so it’s safe to use internally.

Natural, safe and hormone-free
The FERTI·LILY Conception Cup helps you to conceive naturally. For couples who have been trying for 12 months or longer it can increase the odds of conception by 180%, making it a credible alternative to hormone treatment and other invasive procedures.

Re-usable for up to six cycles
Unlike other single use conception aids, you can use the FERTI·LILY Conception cup for up to 6 cycles.

Cradled by the FERTI·LILY Cup, the sperm spends less time exposed to the vagina, where typically there is a pH level that is toxic to sperm

The FERTI·LILY Cup can stay inserted for up to 1 hour, increasing the amount of time each individual sperm cell has to swim into the uterus

The FERTI·LILY Cup keeps the sperm in place, leaving you free to get up, go to the toilet, shower, or do whatever you like. Urinating after sex can help to prevent Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs).


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