Give your Fertility a Boost!

Give your Fertility a boost!

When you’re trying to get pregnant, there is often an overwhelming amount of advice given on what you should or shouldn’t do to boost your fertility. One simple tip that will always stay relevant is exercise! That doesn’t mean suddenly having to train for a marathon, just try to include moderate movement into your daily routine. 

How does exercise benefit your TTC Journey?

Studies show that women who lack exercise on the daily had lower fertility rates than those who maintain an active lifestyle[1]. Lack of exercise can be associated with being overweight and many studies have found that an unhealthy BMI can increase the risk of poor reproductive issues (such as ovulation dysfunction, and irregular cycles)[2]. Exercise can help you achieve a healthy BMI. If you struggle with your weight, especially in relation to PCOS – it can make getting pregnant more challenging.  

Developing regular workouts can help you get your body in good form to prepare for conceiving. This counts for men too, it can reduce their risk of lower sperm motility. So why not encourage your partner to join you in your routine ;). A bonus, exercise tones your muscles, including your heart. Did you know that your heart needs to pump almost twice as much blood to help you and your baby grow?

It’s difficult to know exactly how much exercise actually has an impact on your fertility but we do know that it can keep you healthier, especially if you combine it with a nutritious diet. This balanced lifestyle can give you more chances to conceive naturally.

You’ve probably heard this one before but try to find ways to lower your stress levels! Frequent exercise can help you with that[3]. Trying to ‘stress less’ sounds like a classic case of ‘easier said than done’, but after a brisk jog, or 15 minutes Pilates YouTube video, you’ll probably find that everything that irritated you that day just… disappears. As you get rid of those tensions and only focus on the movement it will help you keep your mind and body cleansed of stress and toxins. We all know with being stuck inside all day, we could use a bit of that! 

Being confined to our couches lately has probably made it tricky to find new ways to keep active. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Personal Trainer Dave Kalkman for you to try out this full-body, no equipment (and neighbor friendly) workout routine. You can even do bits of this while watching TV or squeeze in some time before your meetings!

Workout Routine

4-5 rounds*
10 table push-ups
10 lunges (each leg)
10 crunches
10 squats
10 second plank

Too easy? Amp it up to 15-20 reps or add in some dumbbell weights!

*be sure to warm up first to avoid injury


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Give your Fertility a Boost!
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