A little help making a little miracle.


FERTI·LILY® A short introduction

The FERTI·LILY® Conception Cup is super-soft silicone cup that helps increase your chances of having a baby.

We want to help couples fulfil their dream of starting a family. We also believe it’s important that the act of conceiving a child remains spontaneous and enjoyable, which is why the products we develop are designed to be as comfortable and intimate as possible.

The FERTI·LILY® Conception Cup is the first of a line of products being developed to tilt the odds of conception in your favour, without getting in the way of intimacy.


Fertility is not always fun

Having a baby is not always as easy as we would have hoped. We spend years trying to prevent pregnancy thinking that one day we will stop anti-conception and just like that, be pregnant. But often it’s not that easy. We end up trying everything to get pregnant.

We become bed acrobats… but not in the way we were hoping…

We worry about our biological clock… and the worrying doesn’t help.

We plan our ovulation and have sex when we’re not in the mood.

I loved using the FERTI·LILY® Conception Cup...
It felt like I was taking back control.
— Ferti·Lily Clinical Study

The FERTI·LILY® Conception Cup


FERTI·LILY® loves babies!

Inserting the FERTI·LILY® Cup after sex can triple the number of sperm delivered to the protective environment of your cervical mucus, which acts as a reservoir for extended sperm survival. Normally, up to 60% of the sperm can flow out of the vagina after sex. The FERTI·LILY® Cup is designed to gently push semen toward your cervix and keep it from flowing back out.


FERTI·LILY® loves sperm!

Sperm safeguarded within the FERTI·LILY® Cup is exposed to less contact time in the vagina, which typically has a pH level toxic to sperm. The low pH of your vagina actually kills off sperm. The less time sperm spends in the vagina, the better for its survival.


FERTI·LILY® loves Romance!

The cup can remain in place for up to 1 hour, increasing the time individual sperm cells have to swim into the fertile cervical mucus. With the cup in place, you can urinate, shower, sleep or move after intercourse without worrying about losing any of his sperm. You can cuddle afterwards as long as you like. There’s no need to keep your legs in the air when you’re using the FERTI·LILY® Cup.

Surprisingly I found it preferable to trying to conceive without the FERTI·LILY. I walked around with it for half an hour.
— Ferti·Lily Clinical Study

How to use the Ferti·Lily® Conception cup

This short animation gives a good introduction to the FERTI·LILY® Conception Cup and how to use it.


These are the simple steps to use

the FERTI·LILY® conception cup.


The FERTI-LILY® Conception cup

A little help… making a little miracle.

Available in drugstores and pharmacies soon.

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